9 Amazing Tips for Awesome Content Writing

Here’s the first post guys, hope you are curious to learn content writing. Keep in mind patience is a virtue. If you combine patience with faith, you’ll leap ahead of the rest of the world.

This blog post will cover almost everything you need to follow while writing web content. It’s more of a blueprint that you can follow to succeed. If you are serious enough to learn and want to rightfully invest your time, stay tuned, and read in full.

Let’s begin: –

1: Error Free

This may sound pretty cliché to most of you. But, the content, regardless of what it is, must be free from grammatical errors. Be it tenses, voice, sentence formation, word placement, or any other spelling error, your content must be error-free.

You can omit specific punctuational rules you used to follow in school. The web content writing gives you such freedom in some cases. You can start sentences with Because or even And. And, you can also end sentences with prepositions.

The motive is to make your point clear.

Check out Grammarly and remove errors of all types. You can also check how engaging, clear and readable your content is.

2: “You” Focused Content

Writing “we” do this, and “we” do that or “we” offer x is not something the readers expect. The readers or potential customers are here to find what’s there for them. You need to write like you’re talking directly to your reader. It’s one of the most effective ways of writing.

Now, you may ask, do we have to totally omit “we.” The answer is No. You just have to make less use of “we” and focus more on using “you” in your content. You must only use “we,” “our,” “their” when necessary. Otherwise, you’ll sound too robotic.

“You” focused content feels like one human talking to the other, and it puts more impact on the reader.

3: Knowing the Audience

Your content will be appropriate for someone, and others may find it useless. Therefore, its quite crucial that you define your audience (a specific group of readers). If you are writing for a website selling toys, you must keep the content suitable for people aging between 26-35.

You might be thinking, why is the age defined somewhere between 26-35. It’s because kids are not going to buy it for themselves, parents are, right?

If you are writing for a professional website offering leadership programs to company owners, your content has to be professional. You cannot crack jokes or sound funny. It’s all about what your customer demands.

Once you define the average age of your readers, you are halfway through. You can create a persona in your mind by giving a name or character to your ideal audience. This will help you craft content that is suitable for the reader.

4: Engaging the Readers 

Writing engaging content is hard but necessary. I mean, who’ll read your work if it’s boring? No one, right? Here are some points you might want to consider while writing a piece of content: –  

  • Offer Them what they Want
  • Make Less use of Passive Voice and more of Active One
  • Show Features & Benefits  
  • Don’t make the Content Sound Robotic
  • Use short Sentences

Engaging content always lures the reader to read more. You, as a reader, might have ignored numerous articles just by reading the headline. This is what the majority of people do. You’ve got just a few seconds to attract a reader. Therefore, engaging content is a must.

An attractive headline can help you attract more readers who stay on the page and read it in full.

5: Explicit or Clear 

The content should not contain any filler or fluff. You must only present the information which is necessary. Otherwise, the reader might lose interest. Every word and sentence should add some value. The simple rule is to keep everything to the point and omit unnecessary information.

If you write clear and concise content, it’s more likely to be shared and read. I mean, what is the motive of writing something if none understands, right?

Make frequent use of

  • Bullet Points
  • Bold Words
  • Lists
  • Sub Headings of Sub Topics

 Such things help skimmers to fetch quick information from your website.

6 Readability: Easy To read

Readability index or score determines how easy is your content to read. You must always create content that can be read widely unless your employer specifies. More is the readability score indicates it is easy to read the content if you want to check readability and visit Grammarly.

You can also visit Hemingway to check the readability according to grade. It ranks your content and tells you which grade it is suitable for. For example, if your content readability grade is Below 9, its good and can be read widely. In this case, lower is better.

7: Maintain a Good Flow & Follow Smooth Transitions

Whenever you write something, there must be a connection between every sentence. The former should be connected with the latter one.

You would never want to read something like: –

I have been exercising since last month. I have a dog.

The sentences are short, and everything is clear. But there is simply no relation.

It could have been: –

I have been exercising since last month. It’s the reason behind my fitness.

Also, transitions are essential. Whenever you move from one paragraph to another, it must be pretty smooth. It should not be like in the previous paragraph; you were talking about learning content writing, and in the next one, you began talking about cars.

Please note. I’ve made frequent use of long sentences, which must not be done. Writing short sentences might sound pretty weird to the ones who are new to writing. And, this is the reason I used long sentences. Keep in mind shorter is better.

8: Informational content That solves Problems 

Sharing unnecessary information and deviating from the topic is going to scare away your readers. I’m sure you would never want it to happen. Educate your audience wherever necessary. It also depends upon what your employers ask you to do.

Sometimes, the audience is educated enough; we just want to pitch our product or service. And, sometimes the audience needs to know or learn about something. In such cases, you need to educate your audience.

If anyone is online, it’s quite apparent he/she is seeking something. What could be better if he/she finds that on your website? So, you should focus on solving problems. Knowing Your Audience will help you understand what answers your customers seek.

9: Writing About Features & Benefits  

When you’re writing a sales copy for a website, please keep in mind to explain the features along with benefits. The feature can be a specification of a product or service. If you are writing for a shoe brand, you’ll write flexible, light, comfortable, etc. as features.

Even though features are essential, but readers are benefit seekers. Now, the benefit is what the reader or consumer gets because of the feature. You seem a bit confused. Let me simplify it to you.

If the shoes are comfortable, so what? How do they help the one wearing them? Comfortable shoes will help you run longer, and if you run longer, you’ll stay healthy, and if you stay healthy, you’ll live longer. This is known as the so what technique.

Learn to turn a feature into a benefit, and you’ll see the difference.

10: Call to Action 

Online content is written with an aim to compel readers to take action. Whether it’s subscribing to an e-mail list (Which you should do now!) or buying a product or service, etc., these all can be termed as Call to Action. It can be a button or a popup that asks you to enter your e-mail or something similar.

CTA or call to action is directly related to the conversation rate. Conversion Rate is the percentage of people coming to the website who actually buy your products and turn into customers.

Say, for example, you write for a website that sells computer peripherals. There are thousands of people visiting that website each day, but very few people purchase the products.

It merely means you are unable to compel them to buy, or a clear call to action is missing. You would always want visitors to become potential customers. Only then, you can help the website owner earn more money.


Bonus tips for Reading So Far: –

Bonus Tip 11: Proofread Your Content

Here’s a bonus tip for all you guys who really want to grow and learn content writing.

Now, you might say,” I know I should read my content before sending or publishing,” But most people become lethargic when it comes to reading before sending.

And this is one of the biggest mistakes a writer ever makes. If someone is paying you for writing something, he deserves it perfectly. So, it’s your moral duty as a content writer to proofread content and remove errors.

Delivering high-quality content that is error-free is going to bring your customers back to you. So, make sure that you proofread before proceeding.    

Bonus Tip 12: Plagiarism Free Content

DO NOT COPY CONTENT. No matter what happens, do not ever copy content from other websites. People who will pay you for writing are very smart; they’ll cross-check everything and sooner or later you will get caught.

So, make sure that you write original content. Spend some time researching the topic, if you don’t find something relevant, ask for help, but never copy. It will simply devastate your career.

You can use a paid resource like Grammarly or Copyscape to check for plagiarism. And, if you like something free, you can go for Duplichecker. Both these tools can help you learn content writing with ease.


I have tried to cover most of the essential points that you should never miss while writing for any website. If you follow the above rules, you can literally become a great content writer. This is definitely going to help you learn content writing and earn a sustainable income in the near future.

Posted by: Mayank Wadhwa

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